7 Reasons why you should attend WIFF18

Haven’t we all grown up loving films? From being addicted to Disney as kids, to watching Hollywood Sci-Fi’s and chick-flicks, and cheesy Bollywood to thought-provoking parallel cinema. Let’s face it, we ALL love mainstream films. But then there are independent films. Oh, and then there are films made by ‘women’. Now how often do we see those, really?

While battling the ailing independent film appreciation among the wider public, and supporting to celebrate the work of women filmmakers, was born Pakistan’s home-grown Women International Film Festival (WIFF) 2018, hosted by Women Through Film, which is now running its second edition, slated for the 11th of March 2018 at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), Islamabad.

Not only are we celebrating the artistry of women in film, in leading roles on screen, and at the heart of storylines, but we’re bringing together independent filmmakers, enthusiastic cinephiles, film buffs, and artists in general, to come together and applaud narrative films and documentaries. It will be an event you really don’t want to miss!

And oh, men are also welcome to attend this film festival and be part of the conversations.

Below are some of the reasons why you should pencil March 11th in your calendar and come to this event:

  1. So many amazing films!
    The film selection at this year’s WIFF is very well-chosen. And incredibly diverse. We ensure no serious or gloomy documentaries galore; in fact, the films received from around the world this year are more engaging and narrative-driven. Our local female filmmakers, as well as those from the UK, USA, Ghana, Tajikistan, India, and Egypt etc. have highlighted some of the most important issues through the lenses of very personal and thoughtful stories.

    DSC_0034 (2).jpg

  2. The Exuberant Vibe
    From our enthusiastic team welcoming our guests, and a quirky opening ceremony, to just the general movie-loving giddiness of the attendees at the event, this festival is designed with sheer enjoyment in mind. And we encourage the crowd to let loose and celebrate. We’re turning into a widely-acclaimed film festival confronting some very critical issues, and we take ourselves seriously. Yes, we’d like to tell the world that profound film appreciation and entertainment are totally not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary – we’ll make for an even better film festival.


  3. Our Backbone: The People
    It is the people that help create such a fun and engaging vibe at WIFF. From the attendees, to the filmmakers and their crews, to the volunteers, to the community members, to the festival creators and organisers, and everyone in between, it’s worth your time and effort to introduce yourself to a few new people at our event. Some people are shy. Some are talkative. Most of them are friendly and happy to be there. And despite being complete strangers, people are always keen to talk about films. So, get to know them. Better, take selfies and follow one another on Instagram 😉


  4. The Program
    While the event offers a great selection of films and documentaries, it also offers an interesting overall program. From two informative and engaging discussion panels running parallel, to a light stand-up comedy, to odes for remarkable women and heartfelt messages to filmmakers, to an award ceremony for winners, to closing with a light musical performance, we’ve got you all sorted. To end the evening, we are also arranging a dinner segment called Filmy Dinner exclusively with our filmmakers, where they share stories of the high and low points during the filming of their projects. It will be an inspirational discussion and a collaboration opportunity for other amateur filmmakers and students, who can also join us by pre-purchasing a coupon from WIFF team. Details on this can be taken from info@womenthroughfilm.com


  5. Q&A with the filmmakers
    This year we’re going all in on our engagements and conversations with the filmmakers – our superheroines. After all, the event belongs to them. We’re expecting at least 70% of the filmmakers to be attending WIFF and representing their films. So, get ready to bump into them at the event, and if you have any questions or want to network and discuss their work, you get the perfect opportunity to do so here.



  6. Because everyone loves food and drinks
    Come on, let’s face it, food and drinks are where the party is at. WIFF this year will be catering for their guests who attend the film festival and will make sure you have a variety of items to select from our Hi-Tea.
  7. Everything is FREE
    Yes, you heard that right! While last year the event was ticketed, as it typically is at most film festivals around the world; this year the organisers bent over backwards to ensure the festival attains enough sustainability so that the attendees are able to attend this event FREE of cost. Shouldn’t this be enough motivation to attend one of the best events in Islamabad? Let us give you a never-forgetting experience. Come on!

Have we convinced you yet? Please know that your support for our film festival, be it encouraging your friends to attend it, spreading the word about it, or just coming to attend it yourself, helps highlight the gender gap in an industry where there are 12 times more male directors than female. As you watch powerful female-driven films on March 11th, we are sure you will know how our film fest is even more relevant in shifting the tide of inequality in this industry.

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