Women Through Film Launches Pakistan’s First Women International Film Festival (WIFF)

“There would be no argument on the word feminism if we know what it means” said Farzana Bari at the launch of the Women International Film Festival.


Various film enthusiasts and women rights supporters gathered today at the WeCreate Center in Islamabad, for the launch of Pakistan’s Premier Women International Film festival. The event featured informative panel discussions with renowned guests including Valerie Khan, Tazeeen Bari, Abrar ul Hassan, Noorena Shams, and Madeeha Raza. The spotlight of the event was also on Kirthi Jayakumar, the panelist that joined us all the way from India. An interactive session was organized at the end by the Women Through Film team, to learn about the expectations of society from women and the general perception of women in different segments of the society.


Since the inception of Women Through Film, the aim has been to highlight social issues regarding women passionately using the tool of photography and filmmaking. The aim is to encourage female involvement on and off screen to voice their opinions on a national and international level. In order to achieve this purpose, the organization will be conducting workshops and seminars in schools and colleges all over Pakistan, which will equip young girls with the knowledge needed to use the craft of photography and film-making to empower women.

After the activities, Madeeha Raza, Founder and Creative Director of Women Through Film, announced Pakistan’s Premier Women International Film Festival, which will be held on the 10th and 11th of March 2017, marking the end of women’s week. She also announced various categories and types of films that may be submitted for WIFF 2017.

WIFF will not only be an opportunity for young girls to display their talent in filmmaking”, said Madeeha, “but will also give them a platform to raise their voices against the real issues that affect the real women of Pakistan. It will be a celebration of film, media and women for years to come!

The announcement was endorsed by the highly competent guests and panelists that were part of the event. Noorena Shams highlighted how filmmaking can be used as a tool to highlight the issues being faced by the women in sports and the challenges they face in this male-dominated field.


After 15 years when we people will be talking about the 15th installment of WIFF, I will proudly say I was part of the first one Micheal Foley, CEO Telenor
The event was a huge success and ended with endorsements for WIFF and with the hope for it to last for decades to come.