Empowering the scattered

Author: Muhammad Saadullah Shah

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family” (Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey)

Exposed to the whirlwind of technological revolution, we humans have surrounded ourselves with all kinds of electronic gadgets and devices but are not fully aware of what potential these gadgets possess. Filmmaking is often considered an art that everyone needs themselves to equip with because the intensity of the message that can be conveyed via film is uncontrollable. The purpose of Women Through Film is to equip passionate, hardworking and oppressed with the art of making films through which they can share their stories with the rest of the world. It aims to highlight the stories of strong women who have achieved great success in their lives but have not received the recognition they deserve. In Pakistan the women of the region have always remained underrepresented. Especially in fields like filmmaking, they have had a minimum role to play, not in front of but behind the camera. The long term goal of Women Through Film is to collect films from all across the country and abroad and at the end of the year, hold a premiere film festival in which inspiring women from all over Pakistan are invited and their unknown and untold stories are shared with people across the country in order to get them the recognition they deserve.

Recently 60 second film festival was held in Islamabad where inspiring filmmakers with inspiring films from all over Pakistan and abroad arrived. The hall got filled people of all the fields and departments before even the start of the event. At this remarkable event a stall of Women Through Film was set.


The main aim of the stall was the promotion and recognition of this initiative, to make people aware of this new concept and initiative and to make our presence known to the aspiring female filmmakers who aim to be a game changer in this male dominated field. The response that the stall received was overwhelming and rather unexpected. The crowd especially women showed a lot of interest and consideration towards the initiative.


The stall almost came short of pamphlets and vouchers due to the number of responses it received. People got themselves registered for becoming a part of the initiative taken by Women Through Film. University students showed great willingness for involving themselves in the workshops and training sessions of Women Through Film. Women through Film a having the first initiative of its kind was warmly accepted by the attendees of the 60 second film festival and has set the foundations for the great success in the years to come.